Queers, Jews and Babies

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two out of four of the moms

two out of four of the moms

Things worth mentioning: today I found out breast milk is parve thanks to Frum Satire http://www.frumsatire.net/2008/05/18/did-you-know-that-breast-milk-is-parve/ also big shout out to all the awsome things that are happening in terms of Gay rights. Wish my rights didnt hang on public opinion but hey at least we are slowly winning that battle. Check out a good summary at Mombian.com

so i’ve been doing research as part of writing my book proposal that has included undertaking to read all the first hand accounts by other queespawn like me. I have started with ” Families like Mine” by Abigail Garner. It’s  a great book but its definitely made me conscious of how lucky I was growing up. I not only had lesbian parents ,I had great lesbian parents, maybe the best ever. I grew up in idyllic San Francisco.  The gay Mecca.The first chapter of the book mentions the fish bowl phenomenon by which kids struggle due to the disportionate amount of attention put on their family. I loved the attention. I fancied myself rather special. I have a touch of what Augusten Burroughs refers to as ” magical thinking”. Maybe my drama queen personality made me particularly well suite to my environment, like gills in water. I though being the poster child of the gay community was lots of fun, i still get a  little envious when things about queerspawn don’t include me, like ” hey why didn’t they call me about that?’ I guess my being straight helped my chances of gettting used in promotional materials, which is an unfortunate reading of what “turning out well” means.  Mostly I seem to drive interviewers crazy with how persistently upbeat I am. They are always looking for conflict, it sells. “You mean you really never felt ashamed about your family?” You never missed having a male influence in life, really?’ As though my happiness must be a front. Even one of my moms recently asked me a similar line of questuoning, inspired by a friend whose daughter had recently chosen to move in with her straight Dad. ” I’m sure there were times when you wished we weren’t gay” Only, I don’t remember any. honest. ” I’m sure it was hard on you” not really, not in San Francisco. I wanna tell her, lady you were born in 1925. only in lots of places it’s not much better-  present day Iran for instance, i’d rather be in 1925 if I had the choice. Anyhow, i felt a slight twinge of that accusation in the book, like somehow my experience was too happy go lucky to be representative, and maybe that’s true.

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