Finally people say stuff I agree with

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gays and jews, my favorite

First in things Jewish:
It is far too rare that anyone in the media talks about Israel in a way that I can get behind but here on of all places I find a perspective I totally jive with. It’s very satisfying! Check it out:

And now for the Gays:
below is an advice columnist from the washington post who brought tears to my eyes with this response to a mom who asks how she might go about shielding her six year old from a friend’s gay parents. The headline is “Carolyn Hax: Mom teaches wrong lesson by shielding son from gays”- oh yeah! I love you Ms. Hax- instant personal hero…

and not only because I know the writer but also because it’s all about me, here is an article called ” Hey Conservatives- Gays are better parents than you” At least that’s what the research is saying check it out. That Kellen Kaiser lady she quotes seems pretty smart ….

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Boo Settlement Building!

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Upon hearing that Israel chose to use the occasion of Joe Biden’s visit to declare that 1,600 more houses would be built in East Jerusalem, I noticed how separate I feel from the conflict. I was mad at them, sure. Frustrated, disappointed but not surprised really. I have never been a fan of Netanyahu- he’s the George Bush of Israeli politics- but with the coalition he’s running with all of this settlement building is bound to happen.And it’s a democracy right, so? I guess i’m glad i’m not living there right now with all the idiots who put him in charge. My connection to Israel these days seems to come in form of Halumi sandwhiches eaten at Aroma Cafe on Sunset and stalking good falafel. I am clear that settlement building is a step away from peace and that the Israeli public feels less inclined to compromise now than ever before. This is not a good time for peace in Israel. The temporary security that has been achieved through military policy is not peace. I don’t know what to do about it though. My years as a campus activist seem very long ago…ISRAEL GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!

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Gypsies, Jews and Basterds

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gypsiesxvIn light of Madonna’s recent comments in support of the Roma (Gypsies) and the consequent booing she received in Romania, I’d like to state my formal allegiance with her, in her stand for equality. I,for one, have not forgotten that the Gypsies suffered just like the Jews in the Holocaust and discrimination against them should be no more tolerated than Anti-Semitism. Although, since its Europe, both will remain prevalent. I’m glad that Madonna used her celeb power to call people out on their prejudice. Supposedly, people also booed when she said Homophobia needed to be challenged as well. Note to self: Eastern Europe is still pretty conservative. Post-pone vacation there. Also, what’s the point of being famous if you don’t do anything good with it? Glad to see Madonna is still making folks uncomfortable. That’s the artist’s work- to shake things up. Props to the Roma, who are keeping their heads up despite the Haters. Perhaps the cruelest irony lies in the ample appropriation of Roma culture that Europe delights in without treating the people themselves with any respect. It’s like us and Black people, huh?
To check out the Black/Jewish connection, peep the piece in Harper’s Bazaar titled Minority Death Match written by Naomi Klein. I found it interesting that Ms. Klein sets up the Jews as the derailers of the Durban conference on Racism, without the Arab States, or at least the Arab NGOs getting their fair share of the blame. While she shows that to the eye of reparation advocates, Israel lobbyists prevented them from getting their voices heard, I wish she had clarified for the general audience that in fact it was a set up with the Jews against the Blacks, by people who wish the Jewish people harm- the same folks waving Nazi style cartoons at Durban in the first place. And speaking of Nazis, I got to see the movie, “Inglorious Basterds” with my younger brother before he headed off to college. Him flying the nest is killing my mothers. One mom, after being awash in tears for weeks, consulted her healer who admonished her for not having called sooner, since it was “past life stuff ” that had to be cleared from her psyche. In the Roman Era, she had sent him off to war, in another lifetime in which he was her son, and he hadn’t returned. ” That’s why your grief is so intense.” Um, okay. The other Mama suddenly can’t sleep. It reminds me of when I returned from living in Israel and Nina tried to get me to adhere to a curfew because she said she couldn’t sleep with me out and running around. “But, I’ve been in the Middle East for a year. Don’t tell me you haven’t slept the whole time.” “No, not well” she said.
The movie interested me in that it had absolutely no loyalty to history. In America this is dangerous, most people don’t know the facts, they don’t know that it’s purposefully wrong. To the slightly educated eye, it makes its fantastical position plenty clear. In this version the Nazis suffer for their crimes. It’s fun to watch. Who doesn’t love seeing Nazis die? They are such a safe enemy- historical and eeeeevil. In one scene, a Nazi is beaten to death with a baseball bat and it’s set up to be funny. It works- partially because we, as an audience, are aware that it’s just a movie and because this movie reminds you more often than most of this fact. But still, who else could be killed in that way and not elicit sympathy? Ah, Nazis. Watch out all you Gypsy haters in Europe because you could be the next movie villains if you don’t act right….

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things worth mentioning

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Found a couple of articles out there in the world that relate to my quadrant of interests, aka queers, jews, babies, acting…. on the upside of life, Vermont has joined Iowa in the list of places more enlightened than California. Although my smart friend Jeff did mention that Iowa enjoys the peculiar distinction of being the  first state to legalize Gay marriage due to its residents voting in the opposite direction. Okay- it’s maybe not the gayborhood yet…Still, technically speaking its ahead. Anyhow, that’s the bright spot, other than that I got a really disturbing article from Haaretz about racist and misogynist t-shirts IDF soldiers are having printed. Check it out at  I own one such shirt- by which I mean a shirt printed by an army unit to commemorate the end of a training. It is bright pink and features a man yelling and holding a gun. It came to me because someone  in my ex’s unit had ordered the color spontaneously but balked when it  actually arrived. It was a large and had a hood to boot, until i modified it to be vaguely wearable.   I like it a lot but don’t want to be even remotely associated with the kind of shirts mentioned in said article.  Why do people suck so much sometimes? It’s like its a messed up situation not made better by inciteful fashion, jeez.  At least the kids in my youth movement are doing something about it. I was directed to this piece of info by a letter written by fellow Habo Head-

As to Babies- there was a great article in the New Yorker about breast pumps and their evil side.  Now, I know that they are part of how we American women are being denied reasonable maternity leave and that while they enable more women to work more, this isn’t in itself necessarily a blessing- plus they are based in milking machine devices. I also liked the history part of the article where I learned that America had a motherhood craze in the mid19th century and that women supposedly ran out of breastmilk or at least thought they had at one point- fascinating really. Here it is:

love me some breastfeeding!!!

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happy days are here again

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my obamaicon

my obamaicon

So wishes come true.  Today, watching the inauguration I could see the wishes and dreams of  lots of people fulfilled and pouring out their eyes. It is very exciting to have a president who inspires people I know. My mom was in DC for a conference over the weekend and brought back inauguration sweatshirts for me and my brother. Suddenly its hip to wear political t-shirts? im dragging out my “every Genocide is unique” tee while i can maybe get away with it.  Political Wonks like me are cool again- woo hoo ! I saw on daily candy that you can order obama’s iconic poster by Shepard Fairey with you in it- check it out at    Another wish taken care of ?  Awsome! Other things that make me feel blessed include the cease-fire in Gaza- happy to have that come the day after writing about it. Sad that the consequences of the recent violence there will extend far into the future and that there is no equivalent to Obama in terms of Israeli leadership. Let’s get that wish on the list….someone who can lead Israel towards the same goals of hope over fear and unity and peace.   I am inspired by what Obama said today about how his dad couldn’t  eat at a lunch counter but he was President. History moves quickly- it makes me hopeful that change can come to Israel too. That the people who are currently being oppressed can someday be leaders. Ethiopian Prime Minister in twenty years? Anyone? More specific to my life, I awoke on Saturday to the most joyful news.  It had me jump out of bed and stomp around pumping my fist in the air. My best friend Dan got into Vet School. For those who don’t know- this is no mean feat- its harder to get into than medical school and then you got to put your hand in cow ass and stuff.  Not that he hasnt been doing that already..but his getting into vet school marks a baby step towards my dream life where we all live on the ranch together with my foster kid empire.  Like the speech today it doesn’t mean there’s not alot of work to be done but at least the plan is there.

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