My Resume

Height: 5’6                

Hair color: Lt. Brown       

Eyes: Blue



Standard-Lead                                                 Harriet        Director: Jeff Plamer

Fishing for Answers-Lead                              Eva            Jon Shown Productions

A day without sun -Lead                                Alice          Director: Andrew Marcus,

                                                                                           SF State MFA Thesis

Pale Blue Balloons- Principal                        Fran            Wild Dogs Productions

Miss Shellagh’s Mini-Skirt- Principal           Julia            Director: Terisa Greenan                    Luck to Three- Principal                                    Kelly           Director: Sarah Murat

The Sidewalk Never Ends-Principal            Crystal         LV productions- Spec Trailer



Demea                                     Veenya                                    Director Nils Omar,

                                                                                                        Sci-Fi TV pilot


Big Hunk o’ Burning Love     Slyvia                           Pork Filled Players, Seattle                The Scarlet F                           Professor Emeritus      Re-Bar, Seattle

In Arabia We’d All be Kings  Chickie                         Playwrights Horizons, NYC

Edward the Second                 Lord Arundel               Experimental Theater Wing, NYC

Ice in March                            Jopie Tessler                Collective Unconscious, NYC



B.F.A., 2003,  Tisch School of the Arts,  New York University



StoneStreet Film and Television Studios, Playwrights Horizons, Experimental Theater Wing

 Acting: Catherine Coray, Kevin Kuhlke, Raina Von Waldenburg

Meisner-  Terry Knickerboker,  Self- Scripting- Rosemarie Quinn

Movement: Contact Improv- Wendell Beavers, Mary Overlie, Paul Langland, 

Afro- Haitian – Pat Hall, Choreography- Rebecca  Holderness, Frances Becker 

Voice: Natsuko Ohama, Richard Armstrong, Cecil Mackinnon 



Spanish and conversational Hebrew, Contact Improv, Viewpoints, Horseback riding, Thai and Shiatsu massage.

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