Lil’ Wayne and the Rise of the Pussy Eating Rappers

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In my diverse and progressive hometown there were nonetheless stereotypes about racial groups’ perceived opinions around certain sex acts. Jewish guys were known to be glad to go downtown, good luck getting a Mexican guy to give you head and Black guys did it but didn’t admit to it.

This was reflected in Rap music where the mentions of blowjobs were rife but no one talked about reciprocation. Even when they did it was with caveats, like with Kool G Rap’s lyric, “Because you gotta be brave to eat the tuna, G/So when it comes to pussy-lickin’, I’m the chicken of the sea.” Hardly an enthusiastic endorsement. One explanation given suggested that in cultures where machoism dominated, pussy eating lagged.

These days though, suddenly Hip Hop abounds with Rappers praising their own skills at Cunnilingus. Sample rhyme courtesy of Lil Wayne on Drake’s The Motto, “I tongue kiss her other tongue, skeet, skeet, skeet, water gun!” Not only is he copping to giving oral sex but he’s praising female ejaculation! Can I have a Hallelujah? Donald Glover raps that, “Sixty- nine is the only dinner for two.” While Tyler the Creator says, “Tall skinny flaco, that’s for my nigga Paco/I enchilada bitches and I’m eating up they taco” and Wale counter-offers, “I’ll paint you with my tongue and stay in those bikini lines.” It’s a pussy-eating free-for-all on the Top 40 charts!

In fact, much of the credit can be given to Lil’ Wayne who has arguable made it cool in the rap world to give girls head. He wasn’t the first man to go there, Big Pun rapped, “I could go downstairs, Little brown hairs everywhere,” back in 1998, but that lyric is followed by a girl chiming in, “you nasty twin!” and though he claims not to care, there is an implicit judgment written alongside the assertion. Lil Wayne doesn’t just admit to the practice but celebrates his veracity.

On a list compiled by Vibe magazine of rap lyrics about cunnilingus, Lil Wayne appears over ten times. He raps that he “likes to taste that sugar, that sweet and low,” that “yes, I eat that pussy/ Oh, how, do I love that panty pie,” and “lemme just taste ya, we can f-ck later.” Let’s just say, Lil Wayne means business and in exchange I’ll happily give him mine.

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Eminem-Homophobia; what’s his deal?

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A friend pointed out that between the various posts I seem to have tackled the subject of homophobia and hip hop. This is not a first for me, freshman year in college I wrote a rap entitled “homophobia is wack” for a obligatory expository writing class. In said rap I proclaimed that MC’s could definitely lose the homophobia and still be cool. “Naw, it’s part of hip hop culture,” my friend counters. But Kanye ( before the no-homo bit) had said he’s not a homophobe and everyone liked him(until the taylor siwft thing) and the jury is still out on Lil’ Wayne, right ? (see previous post)
And then there’s Eminem. Up until now i’ve considered him too ridiculous to even worry about. I didn’t buy his albums, didn’t lose much sleep over it. I don’t care whether he’s serious or not, as much as I don’t really want to listen to him talking shit about fags. Sample lyrics in “Kill You”: “You faggots keep eggin’ me on/til I have you at knifepoint, then you beg me to stop?/SHUT UP! Give me your hands and feet/I said SHUT UP when I’m talkin’ to you/YOU HEAR ME? ANSWER ME!”. I can live without it. But my friend is a fan and the more I was forced to listen in his car the more confusing Eminem became. The dude is way gay. A internet search reveals lots of people believe him to be a closet case. On his album Relapse, Homo-erotic ennuendo abound. I hear his newest release- Refill is even gayer. What’s his deal? Self-hating? On Relapse, he talks about being molested- who knows seriously or not. I know some homophobes who got molested as kids and have turn their worry over that making them gay into prejudice. In the end I care much less about what his personal feelings are and more about what effect all this might have on the fourteen year olds listening to it. On the other hand I listened to Nine Inch Nails talking about I wanna fuck you like an animal and I didnt become a deviant right? oh wait.

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No Homo

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The Infamous Kiss

Me and my younger bro have been discussing whether lil’ Wayne is a homophobe. We both very much admire his music and are to varying degrees optomistic about his prospects as an equal rights advocate. He does kiss his mentor, Birdman, on the mouth afterall. Still, there are multiple signs that he is not a fan of the gays. Our perception arises, for instance, from his proclamation that he’d rather “be pushing flowers”, aka dead, than “In the pen, sharing showers”. I see that lyric as clearly homophobic as it is based around fears of common male nudity and the spectre of prison rape. My brother suggested it just meant that he rather die that go to jail. A claim that will be put to test perhaps, as his recent gun charges might bring jail time. Personally, I don’t see him committing Hara-Kiri, to avoid prison, but only time will tell. Anyhow, the lyrical analysis was set aside in favor of a discussion surrounding the term, “No Homo”- Lil’ Wayne uses it regularly, for a tutorial I highly suggest this hilarious video . It also features the mouth kiss Wayne gives his homie towards the end.

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