happy days are here again

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my obamaicon

my obamaicon

So wishes come true.  Today, watching the inauguration I could see the wishes and dreams of  lots of people fulfilled and pouring out their eyes. It is very exciting to have a president who inspires people I know. My mom was in DC for a conference over the weekend and brought back inauguration sweatshirts for me and my brother. Suddenly its hip to wear political t-shirts? im dragging out my “every Genocide is unique” tee while i can maybe get away with it.  Political Wonks like me are cool again- woo hoo ! I saw on daily candy that you can order obama’s iconic poster by Shepard Fairey with you in it- check it out at obamiconme.pastemagazine.com.    Another wish taken care of ?  Awsome! Other things that make me feel blessed include the cease-fire in Gaza- happy to have that come the day after writing about it. Sad that the consequences of the recent violence there will extend far into the future and that there is no equivalent to Obama in terms of Israeli leadership. Let’s get that wish on the list….someone who can lead Israel towards the same goals of hope over fear and unity and peace.   I am inspired by what Obama said today about how his dad couldn’t  eat at a lunch counter but he was President. History moves quickly- it makes me hopeful that change can come to Israel too. That the people who are currently being oppressed can someday be leaders. Ethiopian Prime Minister in twenty years? Anyone? More specific to my life, I awoke on Saturday to the most joyful news.  It had me jump out of bed and stomp around pumping my fist in the air. My best friend Dan got into Vet School. For those who don’t know- this is no mean feat- its harder to get into than medical school and then you got to put your hand in cow ass and stuff.  Not that he hasnt been doing that already..but his getting into vet school marks a baby step towards my dream life where we all live on the ranch together with my foster kid empire.  Like the speech today it doesn’t mean there’s not alot of work to be done but at least the plan is there.

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we have become our own worst nightmare

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Gaza is such a mess. I remember when my ex was in the army and Israel was still in full occupation mode, before the withdrawal, it was a point on which we agreed. Israel had to get out. Serving there was a loathsome task and dealing with it, in general, engendered regularly comments like ” it should fall into the sea”.  Noone knew what to do about it. It seems that again Israel is clearly in the wrong regarding Gaza and needs to get out. The human rights reports coming from the current invasion are saddening and shocking both. It is not behavior that should be enabled or justified.  There must be a cease fire. I have put up a link to Israeli human rights groups,demoloished_building-gaza as I see them as the most likely to be reputable and unbiased. At times like these my love for Israel feels alot like a stomach ache, acid indigestion. Reading Gila Svirsky’s missive, I liked the sign she said she was carrying ” we have become our own worst nightmare”.

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okay, now for an introduction

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Since i started this with such a random posting- although it did involve the somewhat non-heteronormative parenting practices of second wave feminist mothers, i am going to do right and give a little space to introduce myself before i digress to more issue related posts. I am the Jewish daughter of a lesbian quartet in the Bay Area. The title of this blog is also the working title of my book, a memoir that explores the question ” can the daughter of a pack of lesbians find heteronormative love with an Israeli combat soldier?” Answers await, once publishing commences. In the meantime, I thought this might be a good forum for engaging with some of the themes of that endeavor. Israel, Being Queerspawn, Parenting/Romance. As well as other touchpoints of my psyche like foster care, wine, genocide studies, infant care and birth culture, labor-zionism, epistemology and critical thinking. Whoah, now my head hurts.

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Thank your mom for this lay….

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this goes out to all the guys who i’ve slept with thanks to the great, ( if sometimes unconscious), feminist education you got from yo mama. Thanks to all the second wave women who raised men who appreciate a woman with a bigger booty, men who like to give head, like personality. I want to thank the mama of the man who currently wants my roomate, because she is a smart architect who plays rollerderby and eats meat….hollah!

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