who am i ?


So I’m a thirty year old Jewish daughter of Lesbians. I’m currently residing in LA, trying to break into the film industry. I’m working on a book with the same title as this blog about my relationship with my ex during and after his service in the Israeli army. Those are the most salient facts i’d say….izus painting


  1. amy Klessen said,

    love the blog, and your journalism for in culture parent. cant wait for the book!
    great to see you are still helping children and utilizing you wit and humor!
    (u wash radford court 2006)

  2. sarah said,

    smartest girl i know. can’t get enough of the blog, inculture or anything else she has to say. your book will be on my nightstand for the rest of my life, once i get my hands on a signed copy, and i will give it as chanukkah pressies for years to come 🙂

  3. Elena Marx said,

    Kel, it’s me, Elena, your wayward senior advisor. My goodness, you’ve grown-up good — thoughtful and crazy hot! Email me back and we can be friends again.

  4. Felicia Kelley said,

    Hey Kellen, I work at HuffPost Live– the live-streaming network with The Huffington Post. After reading a recent article on Next Family written by you, we’d love to have you apart of live panel we’re putting together at 2:25pm et. If interested or available, please email me and let me know! Thanks!

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