Eminem-Homophobia; what’s his deal?

January 12, 2010 at 6:45 am (queerspawn) (, , , , )

A friend pointed out that between the various posts I seem to have tackled the subject of homophobia and hip hop. This is not a first for me, freshman year in college I wrote a rap entitled “homophobia is wack” for a obligatory expository writing class. In said rap I proclaimed that MC’s could definitely lose the homophobia and still be cool. “Naw, it’s part of hip hop culture,” my friend counters. But Kanye ( before the no-homo bit) had said he’s not a homophobe and everyone liked him(until the taylor siwft thing) and the jury is still out on Lil’ Wayne, right ? (see previous post)
And then there’s Eminem. Up until now i’ve considered him too ridiculous to even worry about. I didn’t buy his albums, didn’t lose much sleep over it. I don’t care whether he’s serious or not, as much as I don’t really want to listen to him talking shit about fags. Sample lyrics in “Kill You”: “You faggots keep eggin’ me on/til I have you at knifepoint, then you beg me to stop?/SHUT UP! Give me your hands and feet/I said SHUT UP when I’m talkin’ to you/YOU HEAR ME? ANSWER ME!”. I can live without it. But my friend is a fan and the more I was forced to listen in his car the more confusing Eminem became. The dude is way gay. A internet search reveals lots of people believe him to be a closet case. On his album Relapse, Homo-erotic ennuendo abound. I hear his newest release- Refill is even gayer. What’s his deal? Self-hating? On Relapse, he talks about being molested- who knows seriously or not. I know some homophobes who got molested as kids and have turn their worry over that making them gay into prejudice. In the end I care much less about what his personal feelings are and more about what effect all this might have on the fourteen year olds listening to it. On the other hand I listened to Nine Inch Nails talking about I wanna fuck you like an animal and I didnt become a deviant right? oh wait.

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