Finally people say stuff I agree with

July 17, 2010 at 2:39 am (israel) (, )

gays and jews, my favorite

First in things Jewish:
It is far too rare that anyone in the media talks about Israel in a way that I can get behind but here on of all places I find a perspective I totally jive with. It’s very satisfying! Check it out:

And now for the Gays:
below is an advice columnist from the washington post who brought tears to my eyes with this response to a mom who asks how she might go about shielding her six year old from a friend’s gay parents. The headline is “Carolyn Hax: Mom teaches wrong lesson by shielding son from gays”- oh yeah! I love you Ms. Hax- instant personal hero…

and not only because I know the writer but also because it’s all about me, here is an article called ” Hey Conservatives- Gays are better parents than you” At least that’s what the research is saying check it out. That Kellen Kaiser lady she quotes seems pretty smart ….

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  1. alph said,

    You are famous! And I remember ellen. Good work KK.

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