Queerness and its consequences

June 15, 2010 at 2:20 am (Lesbian) (, , , )

The t-shirt in question

To start with people keep telling me about this latest research suggesting children of lesbians are better adjusted than the populace as a whole. This makes sense to me so I can’t say I find it all that intriguing but it’s still big news to some folks. Check it out at:
I did think it was funny though that they say we have fewer behaviour problems because lord knows I’ve never been well behaved…

I had the opportunity yesterday to feel for a short while what’s its like to be gay. As an ally, I am still generally cossetted by straight priviledge. I walk around feeling theimmediate approval of most people I meet. I imagine this is not the case for someone who is recognizably gay, like my mom’s butch girlfriend is for instance. She concurs that people stare and are often rude.
For a moment or two thanks to my bright red “Legalize Gay: Repeal Prop 8” t-shirt I got to walk in those shoes. I doubt my shirt would provoke much reaction in either of the metropolis’ I was traveling between, those being SF and LA. In fact I was stuck in this situation because I was driving down the 5 in a rush to make it to the last few hours of Los Angeles Pride. Hence the T-shirt choice- And the highway takes one on a detour from the the liberal urban oases and through California’s most conservative towns. I could have at least been wearing a bra…. Everytime, by which I mean all three times I stopped for gas or snacks, I could feel everyone’s eyes on me the second I stepped from the car. It took them a milisecond to read my chest and then settle their faces into a scowl. I decided to eat in my car rather than sit inside with their stares. Even though it was very hot out and I was tempted by the air conditioner.
It is amazing to me that this is a lesson I am learning still, the experience of others ignorance. I found myself composing speeches in my head in which I explain that I am not gay but they are still lame. I keep writing in my head most of the way home.

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  1. RTS said,

    I read that bit about the well-adjusted children of lesbians, as well. Scientifically, however, I suspect such a stat would be hard to sort out from another positive trait of lesbians: the remarkable shortage of unplanned pregnancies. Perhaps having two mommies is not inherently better, but being a wanted child might be.

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