Love the Comments!

May 3, 2010 at 7:20 am (Uncategorized)

I feel compelled to address the substantial amount of feedback i’ve receivedin regard to my Lil Wayne post “No Homo”. It seems that the topic of Mr. Carter’s sexuality provokes strong feelings in people. In case you’ve not had the chance to peruse the comments section attached to that post here is a selection:”pushin flowers means sellin trees you fucking idiot and LIL WAYNE IS A F-GGOT ASS BITCH NO REAL STRAIGHT MAN IS GONNA KISS THE HOMIE FUCK THAT NIGGA AND F-CK YOU IF YOU LIKE HIM”

Now none of the commenters seem to have noticed that I don’t care whether Lil Wayne is gay; I think he’s a great rapper gay or not. Indeed the truth is that I am instead fascinated by people caring so much about it. Or maybe i’m underestimating these folks, maybe they do understand my fascination and are just trying to make me happy by caring so much. I am tickled pink that people have been interested enough in lil wayne’s gayness to make it through cyberspace to me and then comment on what i’ve said. People want to either protect or tear Mr. Carter down on the basis of whether he is gay. I question why his sexual orientation is so important. People have straight up told me that they think homophobia is intrinsic to hip-hop culture. I don’t see why hip hop should have to uphold gender norms or work to maintain the status quo. It could be progressive instead. Anyhow- happy to have dialogue, keep up the great work!


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