Where my Jews at ?

January 23, 2010 at 3:10 am (israel, Uncategorized)

Any kippahs in the club ?

When I recently moved to LA one of the things that excited me was the prospect of living in a city with a visible jewish population. I had very much enjoyed while living in NYC walking through the ultra-orthodox neighborhoods. I was looking forward to again enjoying the sight of Jews. I can’t help myself; there is a certain (perhaps voyeuristic) glee that comes for me when I see folks who are visible jewish. I often get excited when I think I see a kippah on someone’s head and then get a little disappointed if its a trick of light or some other mischief. And so although I live in Koreatown, owing to its wealth of cute babies, I planned to at least visit the Jews. In Seattle I often ate lunch across the street from one of the two orthodox shuls there. It happened to be close to my workplace and hopefully they didnt think I was a looney. This is how I find myself at 2 am googling things like Israelis in LA, Israeli restaurants and Best Felafel. The Israeli consulate is not much of a prize in reward for my search. When I ask friends about where I can see some Jews, it becomes clear that like everything else here, it is more dispersed than i’m used to. I’m told Robertson and Olympic, Pico and Fairfax, The Fairfax district generally, Wilshire and La Brea. But when I go to check it out, liked many of the hyped neighborhood attractions ( silverlake, los feliz), when I get there it underwhelms. There are supposed to be mad Jews here? Where they at? A drive on Robertson at night reveals noone at all. Do Jews not go out at night? Are we the opposite of vampires? I want to go to a club and see some dudes in kippot. In a city this big you’d think it could happen…Are a couple of Israeli stores as good as it gets? If I want to see a crowd of Jews am I S.O.L here?


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