Jews love Seltzer and Comfortable Shoes

October 5, 2009 at 1:37 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

One rabbi is on a quest to keep Jews from wearing “Crocs” to High Holiday services because they are too comfy.I know Yom Kippur was a week ago already but I feel like this article is still hilarious and so deserves attention even if its less topical. At the service I attended the emphasis was less on being punished for one’s transgressions and more on being, for a day, an angelic version of oneself, unfettered by attachment to the physical form: Eating, Vanity etc. In this context the “Crocs” are less egregious I think. I did notice a lot of them though so I can see why the rabbi felt the need to address it.
Sometimes I feel like this blog should be subtitled ” Kellen’s guide to the NY Times: a selection of the articles she likes.” I will work on some original thought but in the meantime, I totally enjoyed this article about a man who delivers Seltzer in Brooklyn. Jews love Seltzer. I know I do…I wish someone would deliver it to me here in Santa Fe. When I was young my mom didn’t want to give me soda, so instead she gave me fizzy water, usually Calistoga since we were in Cali. She referred to it as “special” and my child’s mind took that to be its’ name. I still have a vague sense that the word ” special” is also a noun. It was one of my favorite young indulgences, one that perhaps paved the way for my great love of Champagne and its more affordable bubbly relatives. Maybe you could call Seltzer a sort of gateway drug….



  1. Jon Mitten said,

    Do non-Jews not love seltzer and comfortable shoes.

    • kkaiser49 said,

      Couldn’t say- I only cover Jews…

  2. Sunni said,

    Ha ha! I love that you were drinking “special water.” We drink lots of seltzer at our house and Jeeper requests it specifically much of the time. I do worry that he will be at a play date sometime soon and will be teased when he tells them that he would prefer “sparkling water” to the tap water that he is offered. Ah, my boy. 🙂 We miss you!

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