June 5, 2009 at 4:29 am (Uncategorized)

bruno teabagFirst off- Congratulations to New Hampshire on Gay marriage. It speaks to progress that the same state that had a law on the books keeping gay parents from adopting up practically until the millenium, hasmade so much headway in this regard. Now if only a state that I might want to live in would make the leap…. Anyhow in other joyous news, Obama’s speech in Cairo might just prevent world war- thanks dude- I connect this with the article I mentioned earlier in this blog about the value of symbolic change. I think this really proves that true- A lot rides on what people say and Obama said some things the muslim world really needed to hear. Good on him. And also….I don’t watch TV. I own a TV, it was given to me by my bikini waxer, with whom I have an unordinarily close relationship, after I told her my ex roomate had taken the one we were sharing, along with a bazillion other items on which I relied. Hearing me indulge in self-pity, she promptly called her son who she was sure had an extra TV and then had me follow her to her home where she gifted it to me, along with a lucky bamboo. But there it sits not yet plugged in. Tonight I asked the boyfriend of my most recently acquired housemate what all I needed to make it work and he started in about gender changers and how both of what I had were male so i need a set of females to make it work- craziness. The next time I have some free time I’m going to spend it investigating heteronormativity in Tech speak- for real. But I digress, even without TV I manage through the wonders of the internet to keep up on the “really important ” things that are televised- like Bruno teabagging Eminem at the MTV movie awards. I watched it on Youtube and was very pleased. It seemd like the perfect comeuppance for someone who has profitted so much from mainstream homophobia. When I read that it was planned, my happiness was unquashed. Perhaps this shows a growing understanding on Em’s part. If not, if it’s just the usual, a reinteration of the idea that it’s really upsetting nee insulting to have another men’s genetalia in your face, then at least there was some nuts in face regardless. I’d also like to take this moment to express my excitement for the upcoming Bruno movie, which I hope will do for Gays what Borat did for the Jews. Maybe without the creepy goyim repeating the what’s the best thing to kill a Jew joke and laughing ominously part. Nonetheless, I am happy a Habonim Alum is tackling the issues closest to my heart. I have to say, my youth movement has done a really great job of producing only cool and funny celebrities ( see Sacha Baron Cohen, Seth Rogen,Shuli Egar) see thats what Socialist Zionist summer camp will do to you- make you funny…..

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